Handling Tragedy in Your Small Group

Handling Tragedy in Your Small Group

Be prepared when difficult circumstances shake your community.

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"Experiencing life together." That's a popular phrase when it comes to descriptions of small-groups ministry. But when you stop to think about it, it's kind of an ominous phrase, as well. That's because the experiences of life are often tough to handle.

Simply put, if a small group becomes a place of true community, then the people within that group will need to deal with tragedy. And in order to do so in a way that empathizes, supports, and encourages, group leaders will need to be trained on what to do (and what not to do). This resource can help.

When a Group Member (or Spouse) Passes Away
What a group leader should do, and not do, in a tragic situation
By Rick Howerton

When a Child Dies
A pastor and his wife share principles for helping a family with their loss.
By Peggy and Clayton Bell

When a Group Member Has a Financial Crisis
Here are several realistic steps a group can take to help.
By Linda McCullough-Moore

When Group Members Struggle with Major Sins
How to fight for the integrity of individuals and the entire group
By Rick Lowry

When Divorce Visits Your Small Group
What to do in the likely event of a marital crisis
By Lee Dean

An Uneasy Victory
A plea from a Christian husband and father who daily resists his homosexual desires
By Anonymous

Ministering to the Depressed
Seventeen million people each year suffer from depression. Here's how you can minister to them.
By Enos D. Martin

Further Resources
Books and resources to help small groups minister in tragic situations

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