Handling Conflict in Small Groups

Handling Conflict in Small Groups

Practical advice to help you when things get a little ugly

The bad news is that conflict is an inevitable part of any successful small group. The good news is that group conflict can be managed effectively by any group leader, and can even strengthen relationships within a group. With practical advice from experts like Joel Comiskey, Mark Bonham, and Teena M. Stewart, this training tool is a great resource for any small-group leader.

If you’re a leader, this resource is perfect to use on your own. If you’re a small-group pastor, director, or coach, this resources is great to use with leaders—whether one-on-one or in a training session.

Note: Read “Engaging Conflict in Small Groups” to see a free sample from this resource.

Basic Principles

Engaging Conflict in Small Groups
A look at the deeper issues underlying personality clashes
Mark Bonham

Six Steps for Conflict Resolution
After two failed attempts, I asked a pro to lead the meeting. Here's what he did.
Steve Larson

Preparing for the Dreaded Conversation
Thinking things through will lead you to a more constructive confrontation.
Denise Van Eck

Addressing Specific Types of Conflict

Handling Theological Conflict in Small Groups
Five approaches that will help you and your group deal with doctrinal strife
Joel Comiskey

Handling Conflict with EGRs
How to keep things running smoothly when members' personalities are the problem
Teena M. Stewart

Avoiding E-Conflict
Managing conflicts online is a bad idea.
Chad Hall

When Politics Invades Your Small Group
Guidelines to help you keep the heat out of hot-button issues.
Rick Lowry

When Group Members Are Critical of You
Four time-tested ways to foster peace while under attack
Danny R. Von Kanel

Can I Ask Someone to Leave My Small Group?
Discerning the answer to this complex question
Kimberly Penrod Pelletier


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