Growing Small Groups

Growing Small Groups

Take your group from meeting together to thriving together.

What makes a small group different from a social club? Spiritual growth. But without some intentional planning, small groups can lose this important aspect, becoming stagnant and stuck. This Training Theme is perfect for training yourself or other leaders to lead growing groups. Use the variety of resources in a number of ways. For one idea, use the Retreat Plan at the end of this Training Theme.

For a free sample from this Training Theme, read A Small-Group Leader's Most Important Job.

Leader's Guide


The Difficult Work of Spiritual Growth
Exploring the necessary partnerships with God and one another
By Amy Jackson


Five Tasks for Small-Group Leaders
Do you make time for these important tasks?

Are Group Members Experiencing Life Change?
Take a deeper look at several categories of group life.
By Rick Lowry

Case Studies

Prayer Requests for Authentic Change
Praying for one another along the painful path of transformation
By Wayne Jacobsen

Embracing Tangents
How talking about aliens brought my small group together.
By Justin Marr

How-To Articles

A Small-Group Leader's Most Important Job
Extensive research on small groups shows a leader's prayer life is paramount to success.
By Jim Egli

Creating a Community of Care
Five tips for a more caring small group
By Jay Firebaugh

Be a Model of Authenticity
Why group leaders have a critical role in encouraging life change
By Reid Smith

Permission to Be Real
Helping people open up is a valuable skill for small-group leaders.
By Seth Widner

Measuring Spiritual Growth
Using objectives and doorposts
By Alan Danielson

Hand-Crafted Application Questions
Make sure your material fits your group members.
By Rick Lowry

Corporate Spiritual Disciplines: The Basics
Are you open to something new in your group?
By Trevor Lee


Retreat Plan

Total number of pages - 30

You have permission to make up to 1,000 copies of this resource within your local church.

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