Grow the Number of Small Groups in Your Church

Grow the Number of Small Groups in Your Church

Using addition and multiplication to expand your ministry

Note: Read How to Use This Resource to see how this download applies directly to your ministry and to preview the issues it covers. And click Casting a Vision for Group Multiplication to see a sample article.

Just like living things, small-group ministries are usually growing or dying—there isn't really a third direction. (And if there were, it would be called "stagnation.") So how do you make sure that your ministry is growing at a reasonable and healthy pace? Should you have existing groups "birth" new groups through the process of multiplication, or should you leave healthy groups alone and add new groups one at a time?

This downloadable resource will help you explore the different options involved with increasing the number of small groups in your church. It will also help you put together a plan that fits your ministry and, more importantly, the people you are trying to serve.

How to Use This Resource
By Sam O'Neal

To Birth or Not To Birth?

The New Math
Learn multiplication and addition so you can avoid division and subtraction.
By Dan Lentz

Why I Like Branching Over Birthing
For group birthing to work, it needs to be natural instead of prescribed.
By Reid Smith

Practical Ideas for Birthing Groups

Casting a Vision for Group Multiplication
Practical advice for shifting the culture and focus of your ministry
By Rick Howerton

How to Prepare for a Smooth Delivery
Follow these steps to overcome several obstacles in the birthing process.
By Mark Ingmire

Cutting the Cord
Here's how to successfully "birth" a new small group from an existing one.
By Eric Metcalf

Why Some Groups Have Trouble with Multiplication
Cell biology for your small group
By Bill Tenney-Brittian

Other Ideas for Adding New Groups

Making Small Groups a Family Affair
How careful addition and time for maturity can lead to ministry growth
By Linda McCullough-Moore

Growing New Leaders as Apprentices
A step-by-step approach to finding and developing apprentice leaders
By Eric Metcalf, Nick Plassman, and Carter Moss

Training Small Groups to Reach Out
An interview with small-groups author and pastor Jeff Arnold
By Jeff Arnold

Resources for Further Exploration
This training resource has 27 pages. You have permission to make up to 1,000 copies of this resources to be distributed in a church or educational setting.

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