Go Deeper with God

Go Deeper with God

Help your group connect with God through the ancient practices of contemplative prayer and lectio divina.

As we grow, prayer and Bible reading should become deeper, richer experiences. This resource will help you and your group understand and practice contemplative prayer and lectio divina. It’s sure to take your group meetings to a new level. Discover what these ancient practices are and how they can benefit your group. You’ll learn practical tips for helping group members practice these disciplines.

Note: For a free sample from this resource, read "Lectio Divina and Contemplative Prayer in Small Groups."

What Is It?

What Is Contemplative Prayer?
The practice and purpose of this ancient method of prayer
Adele Calhoun

What Is Lectio Divina?
The practice, purpose, and art of spiritual reading
Adele Calhoun

Accepting the Embrace of God
Experience a deep and transforming connection with God through lectio divina
Fr. Luke Dysinger

Why Should I Use It?

A Parable of Devout Indifference
Why your current approach to studying the Bible doesn't seem to be working
Eugene Peterson

At the Heart of Prayer
Contemplation provides an off-ramp from the busy highway of our current culture.
Katherine Halberstadt-Anderson

Lectio Divina and Contemplative Prayer in Small Groups
A practical discussion on two countercultural methods of spiritual growth
Adele Calhoun

How Do I Use It?

In the Quiet
How to set aside excuses and establish meaningful time with the Lord
Matt Branaugh

The Place of Reflection in Spiritual Development
Reflection is an important practice in the life of a small group.
Diana Bennett

Two Approaches to Group Lectio Divina
Practical methods of incorporating lectio divina into your small-group experience
Fr. Luke Dysinger


Total number of pages – 26

You have permission to make up to 1,000 copies of this resource for use within your local church.

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