Family-Friendly Small Groups

Family-Friendly Small Groups

Why you, and your church, should support the families of group members

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If you're a parent or spouse involved in a small group, chances are good that a bit of tension has developed between your responsibilities in those circles. But small groups and families don't have to be at war. They can even help and support each other! These practical resources from small-groups and family experts can show you how.

Supporting Families

Making the Family a Priority

7 steps to minister beyond the individuals in your group.
Psalm 103:17-18
by Richard Hodge

Your Small Group and Your Family

Are they competitors or team members?
Psalm 78:1-8
by Daphne Kirk

Your Most Important Small Group

The same techniques that build healthy small groups can also bless your family.
Acts 16:31
by Bettejean Sydnes-Cramer

Supporting Spouses

Marriage-Friendly Small Groups

Use these six steps to support, protect, and grow the marriages in your group.
Proverbs 27:17
by Len Woods

Protecting the Marriages of Small-Group Leaders

Proverbs 27:17
By Len Woods

Just the Two of Us

Consider the benefits of this very small group.
Deuteronomy 24:5
by Angela Dion

Accommodating Children

Joining the Generations

Small groups can forfeit a host of blessings when they become segregated by age.
Psalm 148:11-14
by Erik Johnson

The Childcare Conundrum

Here is an overview of the many ways to include children within your community.
Matthew 19:14
by Reid Smith

Additional Resources

Books, downloads, and websites to help you mesh small groups and families

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