Online Small Group Essentials

Online Small Group Essentials

Making the most of your virtual community

The pandemic of 2020 changed how most people view online groups. Most churches saw this format as a niche that few would have interest in. It was a noble experiment. All that changed in the spring of 2020.

As more experience the beauty and value of digital communities, it seems likely that online groups are here to stay. So how do we make the most of them? How do we train our leaders to lead effective groups and uphold the value of meeting together as an important part of the Christian life.

Online Small Group Essentials guides leaders through the why, how, what and who of online groups. Your leaders will gain a better understanding of what online groups can do well and what they can’t do so well as well as some practical tips to help their online groups thrive.


Consider... Why?
Build a framework for thinking about online groups.

  • Top ten reasons online small groups make sense
  • Surprisingly positive realities of online groups
  • Recognizing the limitations of online group platforms
  • Humorous (and true) advantages to an online small group

Leading... How?
Train you in best practices for online success.

  • Decide what to do during your online group
  • Taking your online group from good to great
  • How to avoid doing everything as an online group leader

Online... What?
Explore ideas for maximizing your technology.

  • Choosing the right online platform for your group
  • Pro tips for a great video experience
  • Making the most of group chat features
  • Amplifying hospitality in your online small group

Small Groups... Who?
Help you navigate digital group dynamics.

  • How to find members for your online small group
  • Making space for introverts and extroverts
  • The 7 do’s of online small group member etiquette
  • The 7 don’ts of online small group member etiquette
  • Dealing with the most common distractions
  • Getting started with intentional relationships
  • Building connections outside of the group meeting
  • Becoming missional as an online small group


Total number of pages - 22 pages

You have permission to make up to 1,000 copies or share the PDF file of this resource for use within your local church.

  • Acrobat PDF Document
  • SMG-BSG140-D