Evaluations for Small-Group Leaders

Evaluations for Small-Group Leaders

Take a minute to give yourself and your group a quick checkup.

Those of us who lead a small group need to recognize that we have taken on a significant task: we have a direct connection to the spiritual health and wellbeing of the people we lead. We are not responsible for their spiritual health and growth—that is the Holy Spirit's role. But we as group leaders are responsible for creating an environment that is conducive to the work of the Holy Spirit.

With that in mind, it's a good idea for us to undergo a "group leader checkup" every now and then. We need to take a step back from our groups and evaluate whether we are doing a good job as leaders, and whether the group as a whole (and the individuals within) are responding in a positive way.

Understand Yourself

Leader Self-Assessment
Search out your heart and your performance by considering these key issues.
By Len Woods

Are You a Hospitable Group Leader?
Use this evaluation to gain a sense of your strengths and weaknesses.
By Rachel Gilmore

Assessing the Bible Basics
Take a quick quiz to gauge your knowledge of basic Christian doctrine.
By Rick Lowry

Do I Engage Different Learning Styles?
Addressing how different people learn gives you a better shot at teaching them.
By Scottie May and Sam O'Neal

Your Leadership Style: Assessment
Understand how you think about and approach opportunities to lead.
By Alan Danielson

Your Leadership Style: Results
Get a good idea of what your leadership style means.
By Alan Danielson

Understand Your Group

The Pre-Gathering Checklist
Make sure everything is covered when you serve as both leader and host.
By Pat J. Sikora

Is Our Small Group Thriving?
Be sure to answer that based on your group's current stage of development.
By Carolyn Taketa

Are Group Members Experiencing Life-Change?
Take a deeper look at several categories of group life.
By Rick Lowry

Is Our Group Evangelistically Open?
Evaluate your group's strengths and weaknesses in light of different types of evangelism.
By Joel Comiskey

Evaluating Group Discussions
How well do you practice these principles of great small-group discussions?
By JoHannah Reardon

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