Evaluating Prayer in Your Small Group

Evaluating Prayer in Your Small Group

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If you're like most small-group leaders, you understand that prayer is supposed to be an important component of group life. It's supposed to be something deep and meaningful—a way for your group to maintain a vibrant connection with God.

But if you're like most small-group leaders, you probably aren't experiencing that kind of prayer in your group. At least, not regularly. The tools collected in this resource will help you identify areas of weakness and strength when it comes to prayer in your small group. They will also give you practical ideas for moving deeper into the kind of life-changing prayer you've always wanted.

Evaluations for the Group

Do Our Prayers Go Deep?
Five things we can all learn from Jesus' model prayer
By Trevor Lee

Is Our Prayer Time Boring?
And if so, what can we do about it?
By Trevor Lee

Achieving Variety in Prayer Styles
Practical tips and a method for identifying your favorites
By Esther Bailey

Avoiding Prayer Snares
Bad habits that will harm your group's prayer life
By Wayne Jacobsen

Evaluations for the Group Leader

Evaluating Your Group's Prayer Life
A broad assessment of priorities and practices
By Rachel Gilmore

A Proper Understanding of Group Prayer
Here are some questions to answer and ideas to consider.
By Spence Shelton

Overcoming Common Obstacles
Move past the roadblocks that can prevent effective small-group prayer.
By Andrew Wheeler

Finding the Time to Pray
Because group members should never feel rushed or starved when it comes to prayer.
By Pat J. Sikora

A Prayer Log That Works!
An innovative way to track your group's requests over time
By Pat J. Sikora

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