Empowering Group Members

Empowering Group Members

We can't force spiritual growth, but we can empower people to take their next spiritual steps.

While the desire to see spiritual growth is a good thing, we can't make other people change. But we can create environments where change can happen, and empower group members to take their next spiritual steps. And that's what Empowering Group Members is all about.

Use this Training Theme resource to hold a training event for small-group leaders, for one-on-one training with coaches, or as supplemental handouts for leaders to read on their own. However you use it, leaders will gain lots of practical ideas for empowering their group members. In this one resource you'll receive a devotional for leaders, two assessments, two case studies, six how-to articles, an assessment leaders can use with their group members, and a retreat plan.

Note: To view a sample from this resource, check out Measuring Spiritual Growth .

Leader's Guide


This Is Why They Call You a "Leader"
And what you're supposed to do because of it.
By Sam O'Neal


The Self-Starter Strategy for Spiritual Growth
Looking to Shamgar, Rahab, and the Ethiopian eunuch for inspiration
By Rachel Gilmore


Are Group Members Experiencing Life-Change?
Take a deeper look at several categories of group life.
By Rick Lowry

Do I Engage Different Learning Styles?
Addressing how different people learn gives you a better shot at teaching them.
By Scottie May and Sam O'Neal

Case Studies

When Comfort Becomes a Bad Thing
What to do when you've been together too long
By Diana Bennett

Permission to Assume Power
Why giving away leadership might be the best thing you can do
By Pat J. Sikora

How-To Articles

Creating an Environment for Empowerment
Four ways to create opportunities for empowering group members
By Diana Bennett

How to Share Ownership of Your Small Group
This is an important step for any small-group leader.
By Jay Firebaugh

Measuring Spiritual Growth
Using objectives and doorposts
By Alan Danielson

Transformation Takes Time
Follow these steps to lead people down the path of continued spiritual growth.
By Brett Eastman

Encouraging "Next Steps" for Your Group Members
Set a goal for spiritual maturity and a realistic pace for spiritual growth
By Tony Escobar

Learning Styles and Lesson Preparation
Understanding how people learn gives you a better shot at teaching them.
By Scottie May


Group Member Evaluation
Examine how a recent study has affected your head, heart, hands, and feet.
By Steve Grusendorf

Further Exploration

Retreat Plan

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