Empower Small-Group Leaders

Empower Small-Group Leaders

Release your leaders to lead without micromanaging or giving total freedom.

If we want effective, healthy, growing ministries, we have to depend on our small-group leaders to carry out important leadership tasks. We simply can't do it all, so we have to empower our leaders to actively lead and shepherd their group members. This requires us to strike the right balance with leaders where they fully know what's expected of them, have all the tools they need, and have some autonomy in carrying out those tasks. In other words, we must steer clear from the extremes of micromanaging and giving leaders total freedom. It's a tricky line to walk, but this Training Tool will show you how.

Note: For a free sample from this Training Tool, read Set Leaders Free.

Leader's Guide

Coach Well

The Fine Art of Coaching Small-Group Leaders
Three critical tasks good coaches master
By Bill Tenny-Brittian

Common Obstacles in Coaching
And practical ways to overcome them.
By Linda McCullough-Moore

Serving Small-Group Leaders
Learn the difference between "helping" and "doing."
By Community Christian Church

Set Leaders Free
What it takes to let leaders lead
By Trevor Lee

Release Empowered Leaders

Practical Ways to Encourage Leaders
Ideas for encouragement throughout the year
By Mark Ingmire

Connect with Your Leaders
How to make regular contact less burdensome
By Peri Gilbert

Ministering to an Ineffective Leader
Identifying common causes and cures
By Seth Widner

Help Leaders Who Lack Confidence
How to combat insecurities
By Ben Reed

The Benefits of Failing
Why it's okay sometimes to let a leader fail
By Ben Reed


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