Effective Turbo Groups

Effective Turbo Groups

Learn about this method of training several new group leaders at once.

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Turbo groups are an effective way to train several new small-group leaders and co-leaders at once. They are also an excellent method for exposing potential leaders to the routines and requirements of a small group in order to gauge their willingness and capability for the role.This download, produced from material provided by Reid Smith of 2orMore, contains everything that is needed to launch and run an effective turbo group: easy-to-digest articles on the basics of small-group leadership, forms for updates and record-keeping, and an extensive five-week curriculum designed to mold potential leaders into effective leaders.


An Introduction to Turbo Groups

Here are the basic principles behind a key tool for multiplication
Mark 16:19-20

Ten Practices of Effective Small-Group Leaders

Follow these practical steps to get your group started in the right direction
1 Timothy 4:12

Seven Mistakes of New Small-Group Leaders

And how to avoid them when you're on the hot seat
1 Corinthians 3:6-7

The Power of Co-Leaders

Why you need a ministry partner, and how to develop one
Acts 13:2-3

Turbo-Group Curriculum

WEEK ONE: Small-Group Basics

Make sure your turbo-group members have a solid hold on the foundations of small-groups ministry
Matthew 18:20

WEEK TWO: Small-Group Fellowship

Creating an atmosphere conducive to healthy relationships
Acts 2:42

WEEK THREE: Small-Group Discipleship

Find curriculum, facilitate discussion, and manage conflict
Romans 15:14

WEEK FOUR: Small-Group Ministry

Empower your members to use their gifts for the Kingdom of God
Romans 12:6-8

WEEK FIVE: Small-Group Evangelism

Keep your group healthy by remaining outwardly focused
1 John 3:16-19

Turbo Group Discussion Guide

In-depth questions and activities to keep your turbo group running smoothly.


Form—New Group Profile

Form—Monthly Support Request

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