Effective Student Groups

Effective Student Groups

Disciple the students in your ministry through intentional small groups.

Teenagers are in a pivotal life stage. They're making their faith real for the first time, and they're setting up discipleship patterns that will propel them into adulthood. Small groups have been proven to disciple people—if they're intentional. But small groups aren't just for adults. Students especially can benefit from the dialogue of groups. This training tool will help you implement effective student small groups in your context. It's especially fitting for youth pastors who want to incorporate small groups into their youth ministry.

Note: For a free sample from this training tool, read "Beyond Weekly Meetings."

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Small Groups: The Core of Student Ministry
9 benefits of student groups
Ed Mills

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Types of Student Groups
Decide what kind of groups you'll use in your ministry.
Michael C. Mack

5 Fundamentals of Student Group Discipleship
There's a big difference between just another Bible study and discipleship.
Zeke Zeiler

Intentional Discipleship with Students
How to involve students in their own growth
Brandon Hudson

Ingredients of Great Student Groups
Set up your groups for success.
Michael C. Mack

Train Your Leaders

How to Train Your Small-Group Leaders
Don't assume leaders will just figure it out.
Ryan Schaible

The Basics of Facilitating
What every small-group leader needs to know
Amy Jackson

Tips for Facilitating Group Discussion
Practical advice for meetings that produce life change
Carter Moss

Encouraging Next Steps for Your Group Members
Setting goals for spiritual growth
Tony Escobar

Beyond Weekly Meetings
The real job of a youth ministry small-group leader
Ryan Schaible


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