Effective Small Groups for Men

Effective Small Groups for Men

Get great advice and practical tips on ministering to a neglected demographic

For Men Only

Too Few Good Men
Why church is a turnoff for guys, and how to recover a spirit that attracts them.
Interview with David Murrow

What It Takes to Reach Men
Here are practical strategies any ministry can use.
By Stu Weber

Understanding How Men Learn
Hint: it takes a little more than chatting in a circle and drinking tea.
By Dave Treat

Drawing Men into Small Groups
Here are some first steps for developing small groups that are effective with men.
By Patrick Morley

Fighting the Revolving Door
How to successfully minister to the needs of men over time
By Seth Widner

Your Men's Group Needs a Covenant
A written road map will help you get where you want to go.
By Thom Corrigan

Mixed-Gender Groups

The Common Obstacles Men Face in Groups
And what you as a leader can do about them
By Dave Treat

Engaging Men in Community
A resource for leaders of married small groups
By North Point Ministries

Break the Mold, Not the Rules
Reaching single men in the context of co-ed small groups
By Steve Grusendorf

Gender and Small-Group Accountability
Accountability in men's, women's, and mixed groups
By Rick Lowry

When Women Lead Men in a Small Group
Her are six simple principles that you can apply today.
By Amy Simpson

Marriage-Friendly Small Groups
Use six steps to support, protect, and grow the marriages in your group.
By Len Woods

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