Effective Online Small Groups

Effective Online Small Groups

It's time to boldly go where few small groups have gone before.

The internet has fascinated all areas of our culture for decades now; everything from business to education to entertainment—and yes, even church. So what about small groups? Can a meaningful, transformational community be developed that is entirely online?

There are many who believe the answer to those questions is yes, including the men and women who have contributed articles for this resource. Their work provides an honest exploration of the challenges and potential benefits inherent with online community. Even more, the content included in this resource offers a step-by-step plan for launching not only individual groups, but an online small-group ministry.

Getting Started

Online Groups: A New Frontier?
Learn how Saddleback Church is approaching internet-based community.
By Steve Gladen

Can Online Small Groups Work?
And could they be an option even for you?
By Alan Danielson

Starting an Online Small Group
Exploring the who, when, how, and why
By Boyd Pelley

Tech Options for Groups
Practical tips for starting and maintaining and online group
By Sam O'Neal

Going Deeper

Problem Solving in Cyberspace
Overcoming common obstacles in online small groups
By Tom Bandy

Spiritual Growth in Online Small Groups
Yes, it can happen. Here's how.
By Alan Danielson

Make Your Online Group Missional
You don't need to meet face-to-face to make an impact for God's kingdom.
By Alan Danielson

A Unique Program for Contemplative Prayer
Use email to help group members experience this ancient practice.
By Linda McCullough-Moore

Really Real Life
Matching your online self to your offline self
By Roxanne Wieman

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