Effective Intergenerational Small Groups

Effective Intergenerational Small Groups

Consider moving beyond age segregation in your church communities.

"A lot of people that go to church have children. And a lot of people who go to church are involved with small groups. But generally speaking, there is not a lot of intersection when it comes to those children becoming involved in those small groups. Normally parents in a group find a way to "manage" their kids for the group time—through childcare, through entertainment, or through inattention. And that's a shame. Or at least a wasted opportunity.

This resource will introduce the growing trend of intergenerational small groups. These groups are intentional about involving multiple generations, which includes both children and adults of different ages. Intergenerational groups certainly pose a unique set of challenges and obstacles, but they also bring a great deal of blessings for all involved. "

Closing the Gap
Enter the fractured world of multi-generational church leadership.
By John Ortberg

Connecting the Generations
How intergenerational ministries close the gap
By Drew Zahn

Mixing Children and Adults

Overcoming Assumptions
Why the traditional critiques of intergenerational groups are off base
By Scottie May

Moving Beyond Entertainment
A deeper look at the spiritual formation of children within a small-group setting
By Trevor Lee

Investing in One Another's Children
Exploring one of the more valuable aspects of intergenerational small groups
By Carolyn Taketa

The Importance of a Childcare Covenant
Learn this necessary step for creating appropriate boundaries.
By Seth Widner

When Children Behave Badly
Important tips and principles for disciplining children in a small group
By Rachel Gilmore

Mixing Adults of Different Generations

A Tale of Two Intergenerational Small Groups
What I learned when one worked and the other did not
By Rick Lowry

Three Kinds of Mentoring
Because different types of relationships require different types of skills
By Fred Smith


Sample: Childcare Covenant

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