Effective Affinity Groups

Effective Affinity Groups

Train both new and experienced group leaders to build a successful community around affinity.

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There's no question that people in our culture enjoy gathering together around a common passion or activity. Softball, books, knitting, service projects—all of these are legitimate sparks for a successful affinity small group.

Of course, the trick with affinity groups is moving beyond whatever common ground got the group started, and moving toward a vibrant community defined by deep connection and spiritual growth. That should be the goal of any affinity group; it's also the biggest challenge. Fortunately, this downloadable training resource can help you and your affinity groups get on the right track.

Why Affinity Groups?

What Counts as an Affinity Group?
By Rick Lowry

Affinity—Exclusivity or Commonness?
By Bill Donahue

Why We Use Affinity Groups
By Don Cousins

Keeping Affinity in Focus
By Dan Lentz

Ideas and Examples

Affinity Groups: Challenges and Suggestions
By Linda McCullough Moore

Bringing Christian Community into Subcultures
By Eric Metcalf

One-Thing Groups
By Mike Lueken

Story-Time Groups
By Mike Lueken

The Affinity of Spiritual Gifts
By Reid Smith


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