Do You Lead a Life-Changing Small Group?

Do You Lead a Life-Changing Small Group?

Assess and reflect on your transformation as a group.

Small groups are supposed to be about discipleship. We should see transformation in our group members. But often, we don't see the change we expect.

Use this assessment pack to get a clear picture of how your group is helping people live changed lives. The first four assessments help leaders gauge the group's progress, while the next four help members measure their own life-change.

Leader's Guide

Assessments for Group Leaders

Is Our Small Group Thriving?
Be sure to answer that based on your group's current stage of development.
By Carolyn Taketa

Are We Being Transformed?
Use this assessment to get a group-wide view of your spiritual progress.
By Trevor Lee

Are Group Members Experiencing Life-Change?
Take a deeper look at several categories of group life.
By Rick Lowry

Group Leader Assessment: Building Relationships
How rock-solid are the bonds between your group members?
By Rachel Gilmore

Assessments for Group Members

Group Member Assessment: Learning the Bible
Explore your growing understanding of God's Word.
By Tom Bandy

Group Member Evaluation: Spiritual Transformation
Let group members tell you whether they are experiencing change.
By Rachel Gilmore

Group Member Assessment: Application
Are you putting into practice what you've learned in your small group?
By Peri Gilbert

Group Member Evaluation: Application
Examine how a recent study has affected your head, heart, hands, and feet.
By Steve Grusendorf


A Prayer Log That Works!
An innovative way to track your group's requests over time
By Pat J. Sikora

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