Develop Your Ministry Team

Develop Your Ministry Team

Practical tips for developing your team—both as individuals and as one cohesive unit

Recently, there has been a shift to focus on team leadership. It’s a healthy way to lead that’s modeled by Jesus himself, but it’s not always intuitive. True leaders often get into a rut, doing everything by themselves, but this costs the leader, the team, and the ministry. By working together, we can be more innovative, creative, productive, and skillful. We can each do what we do best and let others do the same. We can pool our knowledge, wisdom, and resources to best serve the people in our ministries. That’s quite a win, isn’t it?

Once you’ve decided to pursue team ministry, this resource will help you discover practical tips for developing your team—both as individuals and as one cohesive unit. From small shifts in your meetings to fun activities to build trust, you’ll find a multitude of ideas for strengthening your ministry team.

For a sample from this resource, read “Develop Your Team in Four Ways.”

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Find Your Team

Who Should Be On Your Team?
Four questions to determine if someone is a good fit for your small-group ministry team
Laura Holland

The Power of Team Ministry
To be a great small-group pastor, you need a team.
Joel Comiskey

Develop Your Team

Develop Your Ministry Team
Coach your team to be effective and productive.
Will Johnston

Develop Your Team in Four Ways
Thriving teams learn, play, meet, and grow together.
Carter Moss

11 Creative Ways to Build Team Cohesion
Determine your development goals and get started.
Bill Search

Create a Healthy Team Culture
How to build trust, encourage collaboration, and bring clarity
Jon Noto

Who Wants Better Team Meetings?
Four ways you can prepare for more productive team meetings
Jon Noto

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