Create a Compelling Vision

Create a Compelling Vision

Assess and revamp your current ministry vision, or create one from scratch.

Creating a compelling vision—one that invites people to join in—is challenging. So we've put together a great resource to help small-group pastors, directors, and coordinators create a compelling vision. This resource will help you create a new vision—if you're just starting out—or assess and revamp your current vision—if you've been leading for a while. Learn what aspects are critical to a great vision for your small-group ministry that matches your church's context and culture.

For a free sample from this resource, read Create a Realistic Vision.

Leader's Guide

Create Your Vision

Why Small Groups?
Brush up on the reason for small-group ministry.
By Carolyn Taketa

Create a Realistic Vision
Take your church's context, culture, and history into account.
By Bill Search

Choose a Small-Group Structure
Whether you're examining a current structure or starting from scratch, begin here.
By Maegan Stout

Creating and Casting a Compelling Vision
Solving problems and building urgency are key.
By Carter Moss

Determine How You'll Serve Leaders
Five things small-group leaders need from you
By Michael C. Mack

Assess Your Ministry's Vision
Use what you've learned to take a hard look at your vision.
Compiled by the editors of

Share Your Vision

Make the Ask
Communicate your vision to leaders by answering who, what, why, and how.
By Will Johnston

Casting 20/20 Vision for Your Leaders
Effectively communicate your vision for small-group ministry
By Ben Reed

Understand Buy In
Capitalize on the stages of adoption.
By Amy Jackson


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