Christian Education and Spiritual Formation

Christian Education and Spiritual Formation

Use these tools to evaluate whether your small-group methods are resulting in spiritual growth.

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All small-group leaders are participating in the practice of Christian Education, whether they know it or not. Even if we attempt to keep discussion and de-centralized leadership at the core of our groups, we are teaching something by the material we choose to study, the physical environment of our groups, and the way we go about the process of learning and growing. By extension, the same is true for ministry coaches and pastors. We are all teaching something.

So how to we make sure our teaching is having a positive effect? How do we make sure that group members are learning what we intended them to learn? How do we evaluate the system our church has set up to facilitate the spiritual growth and transformation of our people? Used properly, the tools contained in this resource can help you answer those questions.

How to Use This Resource
Take a quick peek here to maximize the content in this training resource.
By Sam O'Neal

Assessments for the Whole Group

Conducting a Spiritual Audit
Twelve questions to keep your personal accounts in order
By Fred Smith

Am I Being Transformed?
Use this assessment to get a group-wide view of your spiritual progress.
By Trevor Lee

360-Degree Evaluation
Get a full picture of your group's movement toward transformation.
By Jenn Peppers and Tara Miller

Assessments for Group Leaders and Teachers

Creating an Atmosphere for Growth
Is your group becoming more and more open toward God's work?
By Jenn Peppers and Tara Miller

Checking for Unintended Curriculum
You need to know the dangers involved with teaching what you never meant to teach.
By Sam O'Neal

Do I Use Different Teaching Styles?
Make sure you are using all options available to promote learning.
By Roberta Hestenes

Do I Engage Different Learning Styles?
Addressing how different people learn gives you a better shot at teaching them.
By Scottie May and Sam O'Neal

Evaluating Group Discussions
How well do you practice these principles of small-group discussions?
By JoHannah Reardon

Evaluating Your Physical Environment
See if the place where your group meets is helping or hurting.
By Michael Mack

Resources for Further Exploration

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