Casting a Vision for Small Groups

Casting a Vision for Small Groups

Use these step-by-step resources to successfully spread the word in your church.

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Starting a small-groups ministry in your church is a great idea, but spreading the word about your idea will be tougher than it sounds. How will you get the church leadership on board? How will you find the necessary small-group leaders? How will you advertise the opportunities to the rest of the church? This resource will help you answer those questions and more.

How to Use This Resource
Take a quick peek here to maximize the content in this training resource.
By Sam O'Neal

Why Small Groups?

Why Small Groups?
The answer may surprise you.
By Dan Lentz

The Purpose of Small Groups
It's all about the marriage of large-group gatherings and small-group communities.
By Rick Diefenderfer

Casting the Vision

The Basics
A broad overview of the steps you'll take toward launching groups in your church.
By Eddie Mosley

Successfully Transitioning to Small Groups
Eleven steps to keep in mind as you shift the gears of your church.
By Rod Dempsey

Presenting the Vision to Your Senior Pastor
An in-depth look at your first step in casting the vision for small groups
By Rick Howerton

Before You Find Your Leaders
Eight questions to ask when you are ready to begin the recruiting process.
By Rick Lowry

Small-Group Advertising
All those looking for a small group, please raise your hands!
By Tom Bandy

Advice for Specific Circumstances

But We Already Have Sunday School!
Casting a vision for small-groups in a Sunday school culture.
By Mark Howell

Casting a Vision for Group Multiplication
Practical advice for shifting the culture and focus of your ministry
By Rick Howerton

Seven Advantages of Sermon-Based Small Groups
The lecture/lab model is great for both small groups and Sunday mornings.

Resources for Further Exploration

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