Small-Group Leader Training Program: Participant's Workbook

Small-Group Leader Training Program: Participant's Workbook

Small-group leaders have the incredible honor to create safe spaces for group members to grow. Together, small groups learn more about God, the Bible, and each other, and that’s incredibly meaningful ministry.

At the same time, leading a small group can be challenging. Handling messy group dynamics, like spotty attendance or people who talk too much, takes a little know-how. Facilitating discussion well—without letting the conversation veer off course—isn’t always easy.

The Small-Group Leader Training Program is designed with you in mind. We want to give you a firm foundation so you can lead with confidence.

This Participant’s Workbook will guide you through the training videos, and it includes engaging discussions and activities. You’ll learn the purpose of small groups, how to be a healthy leader, how to lead great meetings, how to invest relationally in group members, and how to handle messy group situations. Done with other leaders, this program will effectively equip you to lead a healthy small group.

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