The Essential Guide for Small Group Leaders

The Essential Guide for Small Group Leaders

Most small-group leaders don’t have time to read a book on small groups.

Most barely have time to lead a group, much less explore the ins and outs of group ministry. They just want to know how to lead their group well! In this book, you’ll find simple, clear answers presented in quick lists so you can easily find what you need. It will answer questions like:

  • How do I start a healthy group?

  • How do I build relationships within my group?

  • How do I help people grow as Christ-followers?

  • How do I help my group become more outward-focused?

As a leading voice in small-group ministry and the author of Simple Small Groups, Bill Search has been serving in churches big and small for over 20 years, and he shares wisdom, humor, and realistic tips that every small-group leader—from brand-new to seasoned veteran—can implement in their very next meeting.

Every group has struggles. Every group has its ups and downs. Every leader feels overwhelmed at some point. But there’s good news—the answers to your biggest leadership questions are pretty simple. There are easy steps you can take and simple principles you can apply that will solve the most common problems your group will encounter.

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