Best Church Practices: Small-Group Ministry

Best Church Practices: Small-Group Ministry

Resources and forms to help you with the administration of small groups

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Creating documents and systems that improve the health and strength of a small-groups ministry used to be a real chore. But now we've done the work for you! Our Best Church Practices download contains 16 policies and forms that can be fully customized to fit your church and ministry. These documents include job and ministry descriptions, application forms, leadership criteria, profiles, and much more. They will help you train leaders, organize and focus your groups, and support them well.

An Old Ministry for a New Century
We live in a generation that is rediscovering the benefits and challenges of small-group ministry.
by John R. Throop


Small Group Ministries at Community Church
Small Group Ministry Application
Small Group Leader Qualifications and Application
Small Group Coordinator Covenant
Small Group Leader/Host Covenant
My Small Group Profile
Criteria for Small Group Facilitators
4Ws of Small Groups
New Small Group or Ministry Idea Form
Signs of a Healthy Small Group
Small Group Health and Wellness Diagnostics
Samples of Small Group Icebreakers
Ten Hospitality Hints for Small Groups
Small Group Listening Skills
Small Group Monthly Support Form


Total number of pages - 32 pages

Microsoft Word


Getting to Know You
A practical form for collecting and organizing group members' basic information
What Would a Well-tracked Small Group Ministry Look Like?
Don't let people fall through the cracks of your small group ministry.
The Power of Small Group Statistics
Statistics force us to see the reality of what's occurring in our small groups program.
Small Group Management Systems: Off the Shelf
Tips for buying an "off the shelf" small group management system
Small Group Management Systems: Building Your Own
Why we built our own software, and how it works