Become a Great Listener

Become a Great Listener

Practical tips for working on this essential leadership skill

Learning to listen well is of utmost importance for small-group leaders. Without a culture of listening, group members won't open up. Listening well also prevents misunderstandings, builds trust, and invites participation. Spend time developing this skill and you'll see a world of difference in your small group.

For a sample from this Training Tool, see "Good Questions Show Good Listening."

Leader's Guide


The Heart of Listening
An overview on listening well
By Beatrice Rusu

The Importance of Listening

Are You Listening?
Spiritual opportunities surround us when we take the time to practice the fine art of listening.
By David Ping

The Power of Active Listening
Learn a skill that is necessary for all small-group leaders.
By Reid Smith

Self-Awareness in Listening
Understanding our prejudices can help us hear more accurately.
By Emma J. Justes

Attentive Listening: Hearing God and Hearing One Another
This discipline will have a huge impact on your group life.
By Diana C. Bennett

Practical Tips

10 Ways to Be a Better Listener
Follow these steps for greater understanding, attention, and empathy.
By Michael Mack

Good Questions Show Good Listening
Learn to understand people and help them understand themselves.
By Doug Self

Hearing Aids for Small-Group Leaders
5 keys to listening well in your group
By Cathy Mogus

Small-Group Listening Skills
Simple tips for helping your group members become great listeners
By Bill Search

What Are You Trying to Say?
A practical chart to help you keep track of body language in your small group
By Pat J. Sikora


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