Become a Church of Groups

Become a Church of Groups

Make small groups the core of your church, not just another ministry.

In 2001, Building a Church of Small Groups was released, and we learned the story of Willow Creek transitioning from a church with groups to a church of groups. In other words, they went from a church with many ministries—which included small groups—to a church centered on small groups as the way of doing life and ministry.

Over 10 years later, the terms have stuck, and countless churches have embarked on the journey of becoming a church of groups. Rather than offer a buffet of ministries for church members to choose from, these churches are clear upfront: small groups are the core of our ministry and the way we develop disciples. If your church is ready to transition to a more focused, holistic approach to small-group ministry, this Training Tool will serve as an excellent resource.

For a free sample from this resource, read Start Where You Are.

Leader's Guide


Betting the Farm on Small Groups
The reason for becoming a church of groups is not that it's easier—it's more effective.
By Jay Firebaugh

Steps to Become a Church of Groups

Transitioning to a Church of Groups
How one church allowed a defining moment to propel them forward
By Mark Ingmire

Culture Shift
Four initial steps to become a church of groups
By Carolyn Taketa

How to Develop Disciples in a Church of Groups
Five steps to bring clarity to your new structure
By Dr. Rod Dempsey

Establish a Small-Group Structure
Eight steps on the journey to become a church of groups
By M. Scott Boren

Help Along the Way

Start Where You Are
Before you make a plan, gain a clear picture of your current reality.
By M. Scott Boren

Create a Realistic Vision
Take your church's context, culture, and history into account.
By Bill Search

Multiple Models in One Ministry
Why you should consider incorporating several types of groups
By Allen White

Effectively Communicate with Group Leaders
Keep everyone in the loop during and after your transition.
By Ben Reed


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