Are We Building Trust?

Are We Building Trust?

Assessing the level of trust in your small group

We are created to live in community, and we'll never reap the benefits if we're unwilling to trust those around us. If we desire our small groups to be places of transformation, we must make building trust a priority. We can't expect group members to walk in on the first night and experience a deep trust for the other group members. We can, however, expect trust to grow over time. These eight assessments will help you determine how trusting your group is. It will also give you an idea of your next steps in building trust.

Note: To view a sample from this resource, check out The Leader's Role in Building Trust.

Leader's Guide

Learning Where We're At

Understanding and Measuring Trust in a Small Group
Trust as an indicator of group health
By Boyd Pelley

Stages of Trust
Identify where you're at and where you're going
By Carolyn Taketa

The Sharing Gauge
Using group member sharing as a gauge for group trust
By Allen White

Group Member Perspectives

Evaluating Trust in Your Small Group
Two assessments for group members
By Mark Ingmire

Group Leader's Role

The Leader's Role in Building Trust
How well are you modeling trust and authenticity to your group?
By Trevor Lee

Embedding Trust in Your Small Group
Measuring six ways leaders can embed trust
By Tom Bandy

Building Trust to Become a Transformational Group
Three aspects of transformational groups
By David Alves


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