Are We Building Accountability?

Are We Building Accountability?

Determine whether you've created a safe environment and modeled accountability well.

For a sample from this resource, read Accountable Application.

Leader's Guide

Assessment for the Leader

Growing Accountability
Gauge your progress.
By Andrew Wheeler

Building Relationships
How rock-solid are the bonds between your group members?
By Rachel Gilmore

Accountable Application
Don't forget to ask application questions … and then follow up.
By Mark Ingmire

Are You Listening to Group Members?
Spiritual opportunities surround us when we take the time to practice the fine art of listening.
By David Ping

Safe for Deeper Disclosure
Emotional sensitivity is key.
By Mark Bonham

Handling Conflict Effectively
Grow closer by resolving conflict.
By Mark Bonham

Leaders Go First
Are you setting the pace and tone for accountability?
By Pat J. Sikora

Assessments for Group Members

Are You Listening Well?
Concentration and asking good questions are key.
By Doug Self

Sensitive Responses
When we respond in a caring way, we cultivate a safe environment.
By Mark Bonham

Am I Open to Accountability?
Group members must be willing to be held accountable and hold others accountable.
By Andrew Wheeler


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