Lifelong Habits of Discipleship

Doing prayer and life together in Waco, Texas.
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How do you form lifelong habits of discipleship? In this episode, Oliver Hersey talks to Dr. Paul Gutacker, Executive Director of the Brazos Fellows, a nine-month fellowship for college graduates in Waco, Texas who also teaches history at Baylor University. They explore key habits of discipleship including theological training, spiritual disciplines, vocational discernment, and community life. When asked about the Brazos Fellows, Paul said “There’s nothing magical about it. There’s nothing formulaic about it. Let’s commit to prayer together. Let’s share life together.”

Time Stamps:

Dr. Hans Boersma said the “Brazos Fellows is a trustworthy guide to lifelong discipleship. The directors are devoted to Christ and model Christian commitment in scholarship, in the church, and in everyday life." How do you study together? What does serving and worshiping together look like? [1.05 – 3.57]

So how many fellows in a typical nine month period do you have? [3.58 – 4.33]

And do all of the fellows for this year – do they live together in an apartment, a home or are they spread out? How does that look? [4.34 – 5.57]

To sign up for this program – is there a cost to it? [5.58 - 6.24]

You’ve said a couple things I want to come back to. One of them is the idea that you have nine months. What habits do we want to see instilled in our group and the people here? Give us a rough idea of how you’ve thought through that a little bit. [6.25 – 10.07]

Jesus says the two greatest commandments are to love God, and to love your neighbor as yourself. Take us through how you are able to help these Brazos Fellows get in touch with themselves, and get in touch with their story. [10.08 – 15.18]

What led you, and your wife Paige to start the Brazos Fellows program? Was there a moment when you knew God had called you to serve young people in this way? [15.19 – 16.02]

These people around you that were your mentors – they didn’t try to solve or fix your things. They were just there. Isn’t that what this is about – just being present, and allowing Christ to use you to be present through you, in the midst of others? [16.03 – 18.23]

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Produced by Kelsey Bowse, edited by Alex Carter

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