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"Just a quick note to say thanks for putting together Your efforts are greatly appreciated!"

Neal F. McBride, Ed.D., Ph.D., NavPress Small Groups Author

"Ongoing training and support is critical to keeping the small-group movement vital and dynamic. The best small-group leaders always want more—more information, more ideas, more interaction with like-minded people. delivers!"

Sue Kline, Discipleship Journal

"I learn something new every time I browse It's well done, contains strong content, and offers extensive linkage to other related Internet sites. If you want fresh ideas or new resources on small-group ministry, do drop by"

Warren Bird, researcher and editor on leadership development through small groups

"I am excited about because it provides resources and support to groups, leaders, pastors, and churches."

Jeffrey Arnold, pastor, church planter, and author

" is one of the most complete small-group pages on the Net. I recommend it highly."

Bill Easum, Easum, Bandy, and Associates

"I think that your website provides some great resources and the best part is that so much of it is free! That is a huge help to our people. Thank you for providing this wonderful service!"

James Wheeler, Connections Pastor, Foothills Alliance Church

"I also want to thank you for your ministry to churches like ours. Our church has gone from 0 people in small groups to over 400 adults since September. Obviously, we have a strong need to get resources available to our small-group leaders and coaches. After looking at a lot of options, provides us everything we need in one convenient place. I look forward to seeing how much our leaders utilize these resources and grow as leaders."

Dean G. Elson, Small Groups Director, Warren Woods Church of the Nazarene

"I absolutely love your site and have recommended it to many others. I have used a lot of your info in our own small group as well as encouraging other leaders. Thanks so much for this resource!"

Darlene Kehler

"Just watched the online training "How to start a small group". Loved it and it is perfect for a workshop that I am offering my small group leader at a retreat this month. I have to create the workshop, but your resource covered it and it’s done better than I could do it. You have done a very good job."

Kelly Rosenthal, Pastor of Small Groups, Trinity Church, Redlands, CA

"You guys do such great work. I not only read your articles faithfully, but often pass them along to my leaders and coaches and use them for training. So thanks for your outstanding work!!!"


"Thank you ever so much for your advice. Our Life Group Ministry has been able to use your resources to help further our ministry to such a vast degree! Thank you ever so much for your help! Showers of blessings on you and your ministry!!!"


"Thank you for providing an excellent resource for small groups. I am a minister starting our church on an evangelistic, multiplying small groups (cell type) "roller coaster" and your information has been extremely helpful. We have trained a bunch of facilitators and we're trying to provide them with as many resources as possible. Your website is a really good resource. Thank you and God bless the great work you're doing."

Des Steyn

"Thank you for the helpful articles. The teaching is excellent and it is so useful for using in my own teaching. Again, thanks much for taking the time and energy to provide helps."

Dave Bearden

"I find your articles very helpful and your website provides a great resource to our church in transition from a church with groups to a church of groups. Thank you…!"


"Thanks! We're so excited about what God is doing through small-group ministry at our church, and want to express our thanks to you and those who work with you for contributing to that. I always send our leaders an article and top 10 lists as part of my weekly accountability and ongoing training with them."

Brent Van Hook

"I do appreciate your site. It has helped me this year so much, as it is my first time leading the leadership women in my church. I am thankful to God for your site and all the people involved in producing it. Keep up the great job you are doing. Your articles, humor, and practical help are very valuable for everyday."

Sue Mathes

"I had heard about your website but had never taken the time to browse until now. This is good stuff! We are in need of a resource like yours to encourage and equip our leaders. This is a great medium!"


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