Spiritual Director: Orientation Guide

Spiritual Director: Orientation Guide

Resources for shepherding, guiding, and providing spiritual care

Providing guidance and direction for believers takes personal skills and spiritual insight. This Orientation Guide draws on the collective wisdom of spiritual leaders to equip spiritual directors to shepherd with care and effectiveness.

Prepare for Your Role

On Spiritual direction
A seasoned pastor seeks a guide to the interior regions of faith.
By Eugene Peterson

Got Your Spiritual Director Yet?
Exploring the roots of a resurgent practice
By Chris Armstrong and Steve Gertz

Advice from an Experienced Spiritual Director
Insights on the role—and responsibility—of offering direction.
Interview with Jeannette Bakke

Key Characteristics of Spiritual Directors
Some important qualities to look for when choosing or training spiritual directors
By Sam O'Neal

Perform Your Role

Five Assumptions of Spiritual direction
Practical observations on incorporating an ancient discipline in a modern world
By Larry Crabb

A Model for Spiritual direction
How to enter a bloody battle that's already been won
By Larry Crabb

A Case Study on Spiritual direction
When my ministry adventure faltered, I found spiritual help from an unexpected direction.
By James Walters

Can Spiritual Maturity Be Taught?
An experienced leader offers her answer.
Interview with Roberta Hestenes

Spiritual Direction in Small Groups
How to take support and accountability to the next level
By Bill Donahue

Prayer List

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Healthy Leadership
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Find Your Joy in God
Find Your Joy in God
Not in your work for him
Develop Real Relationships
Develop Real Relationships
Intentionally build the relationships in your group
Ministry Alongside Jesus
Ministry Alongside Jesus
How to work with Jesus rather than for him
Emphasize Relationships in Your Group
Emphasize Relationships in Your Group
How to set the stage for real friendships
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Explore Radical Generosity with Your Group
How my group was challenged to examine our possessions
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