Shepherd New Believers

Shepherd New Believers

Learn what you can do to steer new believers in your group toward growth.

Having new believers in your group is exciting! They can bring new life to your group and inspire everyone to grow deeper in their relationship with Christ. At the same time, you might feel overwhelmed knowing that you must shepherd these new believers toward maturity in Christ. Rest assured that God is the one who causes growth, but you can play a part in the process. In this Training Tool, you'll learn how to make your group a welcoming and safe place for new believers. Plus, you'll discover what you can do to help new believers grow.

For a free sample from this Training Tool, read Conversations that Transform.

Leader's Guide

Make New Believers Comfortable in Group

Minister to New Believers in Your Group
When new believers join a group of seasoned believers
By Peri Gilbert

Create Comfort
Make new believers and seekers comfortable among mature believers
By Reid Smith

Help New Believers Grow

Signs of a Transformed Christian
12 outward marks of a new inward reality
By Gordon MacDonald

Five Facets of Spiritual Formation
Use these steps to let Christ form you.
By John R. Throop

Cultivating Growth
Four leaders describe how they foster spiritual transformation in others.
By Sean Gladding, Jason Johansen, Ray Lubeck, and Domani Pothen

Conversations that Transform
These communication tips steer people toward change.
By Kevin A. Miller

Your Spiritual Growth Plan
Developing life in the Spirit is a customized process.
By John Ortberg

Help New Believers Experience Spiritual Growth
How to guide small-group members who are new to the faith
By Carter Moss


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