Devotions for Short-Term Missions Teams

Devotions for Short-Term Missions Teams

Sharpen your spiritual focus with these eight readings.

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This resource is a collection of devotionals that are specifically designed for a small group or team of people preparing to serve through short-term missions. Half of the devotions are designed for use as preparation for the trip, and the other half are designed for use during the trip. You may use them in a group training session or have each team member read them individually.

For Discussion Before the Trip

Your First Task in Missions
Be sure you cover the basics before you step out to witness for Christ.
John Stott

A New Vision for Missions
Rick Warren is calling for a reformation in the way we approach cross-cultural ministry.
Rick Warren

Say No to Comfortable
Understand when it's time to start bringing comfort to others.
Phil Callaway

Don't Just Do Something—Sit There
How to keep a proper perspective on our service to God
Haddon Robinson

For Discussion During the Trip

Use Your Gifts
Why it's a bad idea to bury what you've been given
Rob Bell

Becoming Christians Without Borders
Why we need to decide if we are Christians or Americans first
Mark Warnock

A Missions Harmony
The people you travel to serve may not listen to you until you become one of them.
Saul Cruz

When Things Get Tough
Why it's sometimes necessary for us to face the furnace
John Ortberg

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