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Staying Connected to Your Church
Small-Group Evaluations
Best Church Practices: Small-Group Ministry
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Healthy LeadershipTRAINING TOOL

Healthy Leadership

Your ministry is far too important to handle as an unhealthy leader.

Find Your Joy in GodARTICLE

Find Your Joy in God

Not in your work for him

Administration Tools

Tools to help you organize your ministry

Organize Your Small-Group Ministry with!

Use our partner,, to help:

  • People Connect

    • • Integrated with your website

    • • Simple search for groups

    • • Easily join a group

    • • E-mail leaders directly

    • • Staff are alerted of new members

  • Leaders Communicate

    • • 1 click to complete report

    • • Reports emailed to group

    • • Staff copied on reports

    • • 3 reminders to leaders

    • • 4th reminder to staff

  • Staff Coordinate

    • • Weekly updates from each group

    • • Easy reporting

    • • Monthly health report e-mailed to staff automatically

    • • Track consistency and use as indicator of group health

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