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Physical Presence MattersPractical Ministry Skills

Physical Presence Matters

Face to face time is important and small groups can help meet this need.

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Through e-mail, social media, and Skype we can connect with others all over the world in an instant. And while these technologies have their (important) place in helping us stay connected, there's something unique about being physically present.

This resource explains why physical presence matters, and how small groups are the perfect place to deepen and strengthen relationships through face to face time. Learn why being present matters and how to make the most of face to face time with your small group.

For a sample from this resource see Our Bodies Are Fundamental.

Our Bodies Are Fundamental
Why our physical presence matters
By Will Johnston

Learning from Others

Learning from the Methodists
Wesley's classes were successful because they were serious about face to face community.
By Dave Treat

Contagious Compassion
Learning from Catherine of Siena
By James D. Smith III and Kimberly Dawsey-Richardson

A Wordless Presence
Where spit, blood, and sweat are to be found, so is God.
By Leslie Leyland Fields

The Difference a Small Group Can Make
How God used my small group to fulfill his promises
By Seth Widner

How-To Articles

Restoring the Relational Church
How leaders can move from "meeting" in community to "living" in community
By Mike Mack

Practical Ideas for Strengthening Group Relationships
Taking advantage of face to face time
By Beatrice Rusu

Five Times the Fun
Here are five ideas for building relationships inside and outside of small groups.
By Peri Gilbert


Total number of pages: 22

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Topics:Community, Connecting, Fellowship, Friendship, Fun, Interaction, Relationships
Date Added:April 02, 2012

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