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Leading a Life-Changing Bible StudyPractical Ministry Skills

Leading a Life-Changing Bible Study

Work with the Holy Spirit to help your group members become more like Christ.

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There are many small-group leaders who approach the Bible-study portion of their group gatherings with something that is awfully close to dread. And that is a shame. There are several reasons why this happens, but most of them boil down to one basic idea: they are not sure what they are supposed to be accomplishing. Should they be helping their group members learn information and facts from the Bible? Is that most important? Or should they spend their time and effort making sure that as many group members participate as possible? Or should they try to spark some kind of controversy so that people engage in a debate?

In reality, none of those should be the primary goal for small-group leaders. Their focus during the Bible study should be the same as their focus for the rest of the group's activities: Transformation. Spiritual growth. Life change. That is what small groups are all about, and that is the subject of this downloadable resource.

Starting Right
The basics of preparing to lead a Bible study
By Mike Shepherd

Why They Call You a "Leader"
And what you're supposed to do because of it
By Sam O'Neal

Working with the Holy Spirit

The Spirit's Role in Small-Group Learning
Here's what it looks like and what you should look for
By Tom Bandy

Death By Agenda-Itus
It happens when a group leader sticks too tightly to the plan.
By Mike Mack

A Small-Group Leader's Most Important Job
You can benefit from the surprising results of extensive research on small groups.
By Jim Egli

Practical Techniques

How to Find Out What Your Group Needs to Learn
Five simple steps that will give you an answer
By Mike Shepherd

Leading for Life-Change
Five elements of a transformational small-group experience
By Pat J. Sikora

Effective Bible Study Questions
Make sure your discussion questions meet these four criteria.
By Terry Powell

How to Use Object Lessons in Group Learning
And why it's worth the effort
By Linda McCullough-Moore

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Anna Halley

February 19, 2013  1:43am

The link that was sent with my WELCOME did not work. When I clicked on "add to cart" - nothing went into the cart. Why say some thing is a bonus and free when it doesn't work. VERY DISAPPOINTED!!

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vital baseme

November 29, 2012  9:10am

no comment am going on with lessons thanks ,please you pray for all refugees in uganda god bless you

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December 14, 2011  1:16am

I entered the coupon code and update cart but it still shows the price. What am I doing wrong? Help please.

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October 28, 2011  1:06pm

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