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Avoiding BurnoutPractical Ministry Skills

Avoiding Burnout

Leadership and burnout don't have to be synonymous.

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All of us are busy, but when busyness begins to take a toll on our relationships and health, something needs to change. Unfortunately, far too many of us are familiar with the symptoms of burnout: exhaustion, loss of passion, irritability, and strained relationships.

But leadership doesn't have to be synonymous with burnout. So before burnout leaves you wanting to quit, learn what you can do to avoid it altogether. Hear from a number of people who have gone through it and have practical, doable advice to share.

For a free sample from this resource, read The Antidote to Burnout.

Leader's Guide


Ministry Meltdown
When ministry turns you into a monster, the answer is not to suck it up and work harder.
By Bob Merritt

Preventative Measures

The Antidote to Burnout
Abiding in Christ is our true responsibility.
By Carolyn Taketa

Daily Time Spent with God
Why connecting with God each day is critical
By Joel Comiskey

Stop Burnout from Happening
Take stock of your health, check in with others, and be willing to take a break.
By Allen White

Three Strategies to Avoid Burnout
Why focusing on disciplines, rhythms, and your thoughts is so important
By Alan Danielson

Four Keys to Focus Your Life and Stay Refreshed
Learn to avoid burnout altogether.
By Seth Widner

Reminders for Leaders

Hardworking Sloths: Disguising Spiritual Leadership
The lazy culprit behind our busyness
By Carolyn Arends

Six Habits of Healthy Small-Group Leaders
Be a great leader and avoid burnout at the same time.
By Sheila Ely

What Leaders Should Not Do
Don't take on more than necessary.
By Joel Comiskey


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Topics:Burnout, Delegating, Discipline, Encouragement, Leadership, Spiritual disciplines
Date Added:March 04, 2013

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Doug Avriette

March 08, 2013  3:47pm

Great resource

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