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Small-Group Leader Orientation GuideOrientation Guide

Small-Group Leader Orientation Guide

A helpful overview of the basics of small-group leadership

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Everything you need for
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Prepare for Your Role

The Big Picture of Small Groups
Leader, get ready to take part in a savory slice of real life
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Casting Vision from Day One
How to lay the groundwork for a healthy, long-term small group
By Spence Shelton

How to Align Your Group and Your Church
Because things won't work if you are pulled in two directions at once
By Trevor Lee

Advice from an Experienced Leader
Build confidence as you care for your people and guide exploration of God's truth
Interview with Kevin Rapp

Job Description and Standards of Performance

Perform Your Role

Start, Fill, and Keep
Three simple concepts that will make your group more successful
By Alan Danielson

The First Meeting
Tips to make your first group meeting succeed
From Crossroads Church

Take Your Group Deeper
Five practices that take small groups beyond polite "sharing."
By John Ortberg

How to Find the Right Bible Studies
How to choose helpful material for your small group
By Rachel Gilmore

Small Group Problem Solving
How to respond when people act up, act out, and ask tough questions
From Bay Area Fellowship Church

The Marks of Leadership Success
Monitor the health of your group by using this assessment tool
From the United Methodist Church of the Resurrection

Leading a Missional Small Group
How to move beyond "normal" and start making a difference
By M. Scott Boren


Further Exploration
Nine other helpful resources, including websites and books, for helping you grow small-group leaders.

Total number of pages - 30

You have permission to make up to 1,000 copies of this resource for use within your local church.

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Kimbowa Ben

December 05, 2012  11:38am

Wow! well thought through material -spirit inspired. working on building my first prototype of 6 to start cell group ministry in our region. this web will surely be a constant reference for me. thank you so much, blessings!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Dr Nathan Matasi

May 19, 2012  12:26am

You have put in your time, intellect and searched God's face foer direction and wisdom. May the Almighty God grant you more days to enable you reach many in all corners of the world. I have personally been challenged and through your advice im training the cell leaders to take up the challenge of growing the cell members. Thank you very much

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Bongani Mchunu

May 16, 2012  2:30pm

Training material

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Kayode Adejumo

August 27, 2010  6:19pm

Honestly it is only God that will reward all your effort to bring back the lost soul to GOD . Iam so proud to associate my self with this ministry . Your product is tagged LIFE CHANGING PRODUCT for that reason I rated your product with 5 stars.

Samson Mwafusi

February 10, 2009  4:15am

where was i in the first place not to have seen this informative and indepth educative material.As a matter of fact and rating ,this program has been of help to those who aspire to be focused leaders in any field not just christian groups.Go on guys.

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