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Small-Group Host Orientation GuideOrientation Guide

Small-Group Host Orientation Guide

This guide has been specially designed to provide orientation and basic training for your church's small-group hosts.

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Most people who attend a small group understand the value of great discussion, meaningful prayer, and uplifting worship. But there are other elements to a great small-group meeting that are often overlooked. Fortunately, many of them can be addressed by a capable small-group host.

In some churches, the group host and the group leader are the same person, but this doesn't have to be the case. Indeed, groups often function more effectively if the roles are divided. A great host will set the right atmosphere for the group, provide a welcoming smile, eliminate distractions, serve food, and much more. But don't worry if those things don't come instinctively to you; the Small-Group Host Orientation Guide can help.

The Right Host for a Great Small Group
Practical tips for identifying and engaging the small-group hosts in your church
By Tom Bandy

Prepare for Your Role

Job Description: Small-Group Host
The characteristics and duties of a great small-group host
By Pat J. Sikora

Standards of Performance: Small-Group Host
What churches and groups should expect from a great small-group host
By Pat J. Sikora

Advice from Experienced Hosts
What churches and groups should expect from a great small-group host.
By Vaughn and Jaime Stoll

Perform Your Role

Hosting with Excellence
Practical tips for those learning to serve as small-group hosts
By John Ferguson

Creating a Great Small-Group Atmosphere
Use your five senses to ensure that your meeting area will uplift your small group
By Mike Mack

Common Obstacles of a Small-Group Host
And practical ideas for overcoming them
By Rick Howerton

Sharing a Meal
Take a minute to consider this natural and effective tool for building community.
By Heather Zempel

The Childcare Conundrum
Here is an overview of the many ways to include children within your community
By Reid Smith

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Marietta Huffman

September 20, 2009  6:31am

I am looking to start a small group in my home and since I am answering a call from God I have no idea where to start. Thank God for the internet. But everything I find on you site that might be of use to me there is a charge. I cannot afford to buy a bunch of instructions and think maybe I made a mistake joing this site. The free stuff has not helped me yet.

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