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Small-Group Facilitator Orientation GuideOrientation Guide

Small-Group Facilitator Orientation Guide

This guide has been specially designed to provide orientation and basic training for your church's new small-group facilitators and teachers.

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This guide has been specially designed to provide orientation and basic training for your church's new small-group facilitators and teachers. It's also a great way to help veteran facilitators and teachers review their responsibilities and refresh their understanding. Use it either for a group training session, or to hand out individually to small-group facilitators and teachers.

Prepare for Your Role

Transferring the Learning Process from Facilitator to Group
The best teachers and facilitators are spiritual tour guides
John 16:13
by Lois E. Lebar

Keeping Methods in Their Place
How to stay balanced as you learn new skills
Proverbs 9:9
by Roberta Hestenes

Advice from an Experienced Facilitator
Why obedience and a caring heart are all you really need
2 Corinthians 9:12-15
Interview with Steve Gladen

Essential Characteristics of a Small-Group Facilitator
Qualities to look for in the people facilitating small-group discussions
Mark 13:35-40
by Reid Smith

Perform Your Role

The Making of a Good Question
How to avoid the pitfalls that trip up small-group discussions
Luke 2:46
by Heather Holleman

The Scratch 'N Sniff Bible Study
How to craft fresh encounters with familiar stories
Psalm 34:8
by Andrew Sturt

Facilitating Group Dynamics
Are you using the setting and seating of your group to their full advantage?
Acts 20:7-12
by Erin Brownback

Understanding Different Learning Styles
Here's how to teach in the ways people learn best
Ezekiel 5:1-4
by Penny Zettner

Engaging Different Learning Styles
How to adapt your teaching methods to incorporate everyone in your group
Matthew 13:34-43
by Penny Zettner

Additional Resources
Books and resources to assist small-group facilitators

Total number of pages - 26

Topics:Communication, Dialogue, Discussion, Facilitator, Teacher, Teaching
References:Matthew 13:34-43, Mark 13:35-37, Luke 2:46
Date Added:October 17, 2007

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