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Creating Authentic Fellowship in Small GroupsE-Training Modules

Creating Authentic Fellowship in Small Groups

It's not as easy as it sounds, but it can be done.

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Fellowship is one of the big selling points for most small groups. It's what we strive for when the group first gets together, and it's what we strive to maintain when we've been together for years.

But if you've been part of a small group before, you know that bonding with other group members is not as easy as it sounds. There's no magic formula a group leader can use to facilitate deep relationships, but there are some key principles that can be followed to give any a group a greater chance at relational success. This E-Training Module will help you explore and follow those principles.

Topics Covered:

Know One Another

Be Vulnerable

Show Hospitality

Share the Mission Together

Reconcile Conflict

Topics:Communication, Community, Connecting, Fellowship, Friendship, Relationships, Unity
References:John 13:34-35, Romans 12:10
Date Added:October 05, 2009

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Dolores Peluso

September 23, 2010  8:51pm

I have been involved in small groups where the bonding has not gone below the surface, and typically included a level of clicks. I have also been involved in small groups where I thought the bonding was growing below the surface, only to find out I was mistaken, because the bonding did not translate into any lasting friendships outside of the small group. I think it depends on how long an individual is at a particular church, as well. If circumstances cause one to have a transient life style, then deep bonding will be much harder to achieve then if an individual is a life-time, or significant-time church or small group member/attendee. Having a transient life-style as I do, and being single on top of it, makes for a very lonely life, and difficulty in establishing deep bonds.

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Angela Duncan

October 08, 2009  5:11am

I have been part a small groups most of my Christian life and now I go to two small groups. I've never had a problem. All bible study groups are small. We discuss the bible, our lives as Christians ans our families and form a bond thar brings us close. No Problem!

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