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The Gospel of John: Knowing Jesus (10 session study)Study Through the Bible Studies

The Gospel of John: Knowing Jesus (10 session study)

Identify the seven names and titles of Jesus that reveal him as the eternal God, who came to transform us.

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This basic ten-session course on the Gospel of John identifies the seven names and titles of Jesus that reveal him as the eternal God, who came to transform us. Miracles testified of his deity and revealed his compassion.

This study demonstrates how Jesus continually looked beyond the superficial to the real issue. He is our Good Shepherd, Messiah, and King and the Vine, who gives us life. He is our Bridegroom who wants us to share in his glory. Finally, he paid for our sins, conquered death, and gave us the privilege of continuing his mission to the world.

Session One

Jesus Christ Is God
Jesus is eternal and one with the Father.
John 1–2
In this Gospel, John presents evidence that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God, so that his readers may believe in Jesus as Lord and Savior.

Session Two

You Must Be Born Again
Jesus came to transform us.
John 3–4
In chapters 3 and 4, John shows us the transforming power of Jesus' ministry. From the powerful Pharisee Nicodemus, to an insignificant woman he met at a well, Jesus begins to change lives.

Session Three

Miracles Testified of Jesus' Deity
Jesus performed many miracles to confirm who he is and to show his compassion.
John 5–6
In chapters 5 and 6, John tells us how Jesus continued to give evidence of who he is. As Jesus healed invalids, fed thousands, and walked on water, he revealed he was no ordinary person.

Session Four

Jesus at the Feast of Tabernacles
We learn a lot about Jesus from what he taught at this annual feast.
John 7–8
Jesus continually looked beyond the superficial to the real issues. He often caused division by his claims when he was on earth, as he continues to do today.

Session Five

Jesus is the Good Shepherd
We learn from sheep how much we need a shepherd.
John 9–10
Jesus is the Good Shepherd who cares for his sheep, and who even "lays down his life for the sheep." The word shepherd in the Old Testament stood for a royal caretaker of God's people.

Session Six

Jesus Is the Messiah and King
Through raising Lazarus from the dead and fulfilling ancient prophecy, Jesus proved he was who he claimed to be.
John 11–12
As we see the miracles in John and those in our own lives, we are more able to trust God's love for us and his willingness and desire to answer our prayers.

Session Seven

Jesus Reassures His Disciples
As the end of Jesus' time on earth loomed near, the disciples needed his wisdom and hope.
John 13–14
Chapter 13 begins just before the Passover Feast. The Message translates it this way: "The Devil by now had Judas … firmly in his grip, all set for the betrayal."

Session Eight

Jesus Is the Vine
Unless we are connected to the vine, Jesus, we will wither.
John 15–16
Jesus tells his disciples that he is the true vine and that anyone who belongs to him is heir to all the privileges and responsibilities of being God's child.

Session Nine

Jesus' Prayer, Betrayal, Arrest & Trial
In his prayer for his disciples and us, and the events that followed, we see clearly that Jesus is who he claimed to be.
John 17–18
In his intimate conversation with his Father, Jesus' last words in this amazing prayer reveal his incredible promise that he will be in his believers.

Session Ten

Jesus' Death and Resurrection
Jesus not only paid for our sins and conquered death, but he gave us the privilege of continuing his mission to the world.
John 19–21
We know that we are all guilty before God. Because of what Jesus did on the Cross, we all have hope.

Total number of pages - 89 pages

Topics:Blood of Christ, Cross, Jesus Christ, Resurrection, Salvation, Theology
Date Added:January 21, 2008

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