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The Blood Covers All

An object lesson in God's grace

Kris Collins  |  posted 12/12/2011


White paper, red and black markers, and 1 or more red transparent sheets (such as a clear red report cover)


Give each group member a piece of paper, a red marker, and a black marker. Ask group members to use the red markers to write the negative things they think of themselves, sins they have in their lives, and faults they struggle with. Then have group members use the black markers to write words to describe what God has done for them, who he is, and how great he is.

Read Romans 5:1-11 together.

Pass around a red transparent sheet, or give each group member a sheet. Tell group members to hold the red sheets over their white papers and see what the blood of Christ does. Looking through the red sheets will cover all the things written in red, leaving only those things written in black.

Debriefing Questions:

  1. What were you able to see while looking through the red transparent sheet?
  2. How is this similar to how God sees us through the blood of Christ?
  3. How does thinking about this unearned grace from God make you feel?

Topics:Bible study, Blood of Christ, Forgiveness, Grace, Jesus Christ, Sin
References:Romans 5:1-11
Date Added:December 12, 2011

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