Balancing Work and Home (6 session study)

Balancing Work and Home (6 session study)

These studies will help women and mothers who feel overworked and want to find a happy medium.

Somehow many women have gotten the idea that life is a competition for the busiest-woman-alive award. Our course combats this prevalent cultural attitude with such topics as avoiding comparisons, saying no, connecting with your kids, setting aside a day for rest, and conquering working-mother guilt.

Session 1

Debunking the Myth of the Ideal Mom
Did God give us a formula for motherhood?

Session 2

Balancing Work and Family Life
Prayer and preplanning can provide wisdom to balance our homelife with our career.

Session 3

Balancing Your Life by Saying No
Many of us live hectic lives because we haven't learned how to say no.

Session 4

Creating a Stronger Parent-Child Bond
Why is a strong parent-child bond important to passing on our faith to our children?

Session 5

Conquering Guilt
When God leads us to work outside the home, we can still be great moms.

Session 6

Looking for Rest
Is Sunday just another day?


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