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Preparing to Listen
There are some helpful ways to train your leaders the art of listening.
10 Ways to Be a Better Listener Part 2
Tips to help you be a better listener
The Childcare Checklist
The Childcare Checklist
Use this practical tool to determine the childcare options in your small group.
Principles of Group Closure
Principles of Group Closure
Good endings can make for good beginnings in the future.
Using Lectio Divina with Teen Groups
Follow this step-by-step approach to learn more about contemplation in small groups.
Your Small Group and Your Family
Are they competitors or team members?
Top 10 signs your group is not connecting.
The Emerging Church and Small Groups
What does the future hold?
Sensational Community
Building community that connects with emerging generations.
Small Group Community
A church program or an emerging missional organism
Small Groups and the Emerging Church
Don't miss the forest for the trees.
The Emerging, Relational Way of Being the Church
On The Relational Way by Scott Boren
Facilitating Lively Discussions
Learn from these often-overlooked keys to making the most of your small-group lesson.
Leading Volunteers
Here are some things to keep in mind when money isn't a factor.
Building Community in Children's Ministry
Small groups are an essential part of children's ministry.
Key Principles for Relaunching
Determine if your small-group ministry needs to be relaunched and how to do it well if it does.
Three Reasons Why You Need Community to Flourish
Are you consciously cultivating community?
Supernatural, Synergistic, Systems-Thinking Group-Life!
A group expresses itself holistically and organically when it does what the Lord has designed it to do.
Holistic Small Groups
What is a holistic small group?
Holistic Small Group Ministries: Goodbye to Ho-Hum
Healthy churches have very definite ideas about why they do what they do and what they are trying to communicate and accomplish.
Displaying 621 – 640 of 1495 Articles
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