Create Sermon-Based Studies

Create Sermon-Based Studies

How to write engaging group studies that tie into your pastor's sermons

Churches across the world have had success with small-group campaigns that link the sermon with what small groups study during their meetings. But you don't need a specialized campaign to make sermon-based small groups work. In fact, you can offer great sermon-based small-group guides to your leaders year-round.

This Training Tool will show you how to take your pastor’s sermon notes and turn them into easy-to-use guides that can help your small-group leaders facilitate transformational discussions. And it’s easier than you might think.

For a sample from this Training Tool, read “Seven Advantages of Sermon-Based Small Groups.”


Seven Advantages of Sermon-Based Small Groups
The model is great for both small groups and Sunday mornings.
Larry Osborne

Important Considerations

Get Started with Sermon-Based Small Groups
Quick and practical tips as you begin
Rick Lowry

How to Create Discussions Guides
Practical tips for creating centralized curriculum
Joel Comiskey

Teamwork Required
How to work with your senior pastor to create timely discussion guides
Allen White

Write the Guides

How to Write Good Discussion Questions
Include these three types of questions to ensure a well-balanced study time.
Larry Osborne

Writing Guides for Transformational Discussions
Create an environment for life change with these simple tips.
Dr. Bill Donahue

Simplify the Process
Step-by-step instructions for writing discussion guides
Amy Jackson

Sample Forms

Sermon Notes

Weekly Discussion Questions

Centralized Discussion Guide

Resources for Further Exploration

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