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How does My Cabinet work?

Each Christianity Today International product with a My Cabinet feature is listed as a folder at the bottom of the page, but it is minimized. If you aren't already a member of,,, or, you can join now by clicking the Join Today icon.

You can add any content from this site to My Cabinet by clicking on the Save button ( Save Icon

Save Icon

) in the top right corner of each page. You'll notice at the top of My Cabinet, there are three links to take action:

  • Create New Folder—this takes you to a page where you can create a new top-level folder.
  • Edit Folder—this allows you to change the name of a folder or subfolder and make notes about it.
  • Add Your Own Content—you can add text notes and links from sources or sites other than Christianity Today International sites like,,, or

You will have a Recently Viewed folder, which shows the last 20 pages viewed on a Christianity Today International site; and Unfiled, which is where content will go if you don't otherwise put it in a folder of your choosing. These two default folders cannot be deleted.

After you create a folder:

  • Clicking "Edit" by the folder name gives you the ability to add notes specific to that folder. You can also change the name of the folder.
  • Under the "Title" column, clicking on a particular piece of content simply takes you to that page.
  • The pencil icon signifies "Add/Edit Notes." Clicking this takes you to your Notes page, where you can add specific text. You'll find information about how you personally rated/reviewed the content and the total from all other users.
  • The box/grid icon signifies the My Calendar tool. Click this icon to go to a calendar where you can plug in specific content for events, sermons, or meetings. You will only have one calendar for all the Christianity Today International products you are a member of as well.
  • Under "Source" is the site where the content originally came from. You can move one site's content to another site's folder. You can also add your own notes and content and put it into a particular folder.
  • The "Date Added" section tells you the date this content was added to a particular folder.
  • In each folder there is the ability to Copy or Move any checked items from one folder to another throughout your filing cabinet. All your folder options are there for you to choose from.
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