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As a non-profit organization, why do you charge a fee for the downloadable tools?

Like any organization, we have costs: payments to authors, salaries for employees, lights and heat, and so on. In order to create and maintain, we have to compensate contributors, editors and other staff, maintain computer servers, and more.

We do keep our costs to a minimum. As a non-profit ministry, we charge only modest fees in order to focus on our mission: "Creating content that changes the people who change the world."

Secondly, contains hundreds of downloadable training tools, interactive features, and expert advice, and we regularly add to all these areas. In order to create, keyword, categorize, upload, and store these items, it takes significant time and money, which has to be covered in some way.

Thirdly, on some other sites, you may have had to sort through a lot of marginal material in order to find the gems. At, we want every item you see to be of the highest quality and the most use to you and your church.

Lastly, we offer many samples you can download for free. This helps you get a good taste of what's available on our site before you decide to join or purchase. Even after you order our products, we offer a generous reprint policy of up to 1,000 copies so that you can share content with your staff and volunteers. We also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee so that you can order without risk.

Our goal is to serve you well. We hope you understand our commitment to delivering only top-quality services and content.

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