Explore New Ideas Explore New Ideas

A Culture of Consumerism

Why our communication about small groups may be hurting us

Next Generation Needs

What will it take to reach a new generation?

A Quick Health Assessment

A free tool from Michael Mack and TOUCH Publications

Know Thyself

Is knowing self important to our faith journey?

Finding God in 'The Hunger Games'

Use the popular movie to spark discussion in your group

Growing Indifference Toward Faith

What should small groups do in the midst of this growing trend?

A Resource to Avoid Awkward Moments

Dig deeper into the Word with Keri Wyatt Kent

Recognizing a Blind Spot in Church Culture

Learning from the introverts among us

How Do You Train Your Small-Group Leaders?

National Community Church has taken its training online.

Exploring the Command to Carry One Another's Burdens

Using questions to minister

Resource Review: 'The God Questions'

A forty-day journey exploring big questions about God and faith

While We're Waiting

What God has in store along the journey

Fighting Isolation

Many church leaders struggle to identify significant relationships in their lives

Are We Inspiring Hope?

Your idea of a great small-group meeting might be missing something

God's Ultimate "Yes"

Do you see Jesus as one who mostly says yes or no?

Waving Goodbye to Small Group Mission Projects?

Or at least to our usual attitude.

Video of the Week: Facilitation

Mac Lake gives great advice on how to improve your facilitation skills.

Video of the Week: Difficult Situations

Helpful thoughts from a helpful speaker

The True Battle for Christian Community

Giving the Holy Spirit full sway to release our appetite for the Father

Thinking About Jesus' Small Group

Should there be a conflict between "couch time" and "street time"?

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